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  • All rules as outlined by the governing body for high school basketball, the NFHS will be followed, with the following exceptions and amendments:

  • Two 14 minutes halves, STOP clock format.

  • All teams must be prepared to play an 8 am game no exception.

  • Boys Grades 3rd-6th will use the 28.5” ball.

  • Game time is forfeit time. Site Director has final say in certain situations.

  • 2 thirty-second timeout per half, no carryover.

  • 3-minute halftime and 5-minute pre-game warm up.

  • Overtime will be two minutes with stop time the final minute, with one additional timeout awarded. Timeouts do not carry over from regulation. Final overtime period will be sudden death.

  • Free throws: Double bonus on 10th team foul.

  • Home team wears light colored jersey and visitor wears a dark colored jersey. Home team is listed first and provides the game ball.

  • Each team is responsible for providing a scorekeeper or a clock operator at all times.

  • A player may play on only one team per division.

  • A player may play up but not down in different divisions in the same organization.


​Player age and grade protests must be accompanied by a $100.00 cash deposit and team documents. If a protest is won, or no documentation is found, money will be returned and player or players in question will be disqualified from that team. Player protest must be done before start of the game.   The protest  can not be done after the game is over or during the contest of the game. If no documentation was found, the player in question will be removed until appropriate documentation is provided and all games are losses until documentation is provided. At that point, all games will revert back to a regular outcome. If a protest is lost the entire $100 will go to the “TEXAS GAMETIME”


The coach must keep copies of players’ birth certificates and/or report cards at all times and have available on request from the director. Head Coaches are liable for any and all circumstances including damage on behalf of their athletes, parents, and coaches. TEXAS GAMETIME assumes no liability or responsibility. By registering to compete in any TEXAS GAMETIME event, Head Coaches agree to and accept these terms set forth.


Officials at their discretion may remove players, parents, or fans from the gym for inappropriate behavior or poor sportsmanship. Head Coaches are encouraged to assist in promoting good sportsmanship from within their Organizations. WE ARE HERE FOR THE KIDS!! Security enforced.


  • Divisions are grade based and age appropriate with no more than one year age range format as follows and active for all divisions:

  • 3rd and 4th grade or below (10u)

  • 5th grade – 5th grade or below (11u)

  • 6th grade – 6th grade or below (12u)

  • 7th grade – 7th grade or below (13u)

  • 8th grade – 8th grade or below (14u)

  • 9th grade – 9th grade or below (15u)

  • 10th grade – 10th grade or below (16u)

  • 11th grade – 11th grade or below (17u) and HAVE at least one year of high school eligibility remaining or officially enrolled in a prep

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​Any players throwing a punch or pushing will be immediately ejected from that game. If action happens, in between games, they will be disqualified from the next game. In almost every case, the players will be disqualified for the entire tournament.

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