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All individuals who engage in coaching activities at NCAA certified events must be approved through the NCAA Participant Approval Program administered by First Advantage prior to participation. Event operators are instructed to require coaches to show a State or US Government issued picture ID during their event check-in procedures to ensure that only approved coaches are granted the ability to participate.


First Advantage (formerly known as LexisNexis) Application for Participant Approval


Previously when completing the First Advantage application, a randomly selected 10 question quiz served as the educational component. That test has been replaced by a more significant educational component on a separate website – The NCAA Eligibility Center Coaching Education Course; a FREE course developed by the NCAA Eligibility Center and the National Federation of State High School Associations. Click the link below followed by “Please Login to Order” and then “Register Now” to create your account. After you register, click “Order Now” to begin taking the free course.


Rules Education for Coaches of Prospective Student-Athletes


All teams attending open period events in July must enter their roster in the NCAA BBCS website. Entry of the roster is free but must be done in order to play in the events.

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